Get to $100K MRR the lean way

You’ve got a product you believe in and goals to hit. You probably even have a few customers. But now it’s time to build a high-growth marketing engine that takes you to the next step.

But how, Asia?

Asia Matos
CEO & Founder

Hi! My name is Asia.

And I created DemandMaven with one sole purpose in mind: to help founders of early-stage SaaS companies & startups put their product on a rocketship.

Founders are under more pressure than ever to grow fast, stay lean, and still somehow remain sane. But their time, resources, and runway are limited—which means marketing is often left underserved or put on the back burner.

So then what happens?

The website doesn’t get enough traffic. Not enough people sign up for a free trial. Revenue goals are missed.

That’s where DemandMaven (hey, that’s me!) steps in. 

You need help running campaigns, analyzing the website, creating onboarding flows, and so much more to attract the right visitors, keep the trials coming in, creating insanely happy customers—and ultimately, the increasing that MRR.

So how exactly do I help? Keep reading!

Asia Matos
CEO & Founder of DemandMaven

My Services

Monthly Marketing Retainer

A flat-fee monthly engagement to help you keep costs predictable (read: stay lean!) but also get the marketing help you need. From setting up campaigns to managing your acquisition channels to building the marketing engine, this engagement easily covers all bases. Plus, it’s completely customized to your exact business.

Monthly Investment: $3500

Complete Marketing Audit + Strategy

Get a complete audit of your go-to-market strategy and leave with an ultimate growth plan. Over the course of three weeks, I’ll take a deep-dive into your SaaS product, customers, your competitors, and so much more. You’ll receive a complete strategic plan with clear action items, roadmap, KPIs, and key elements for growth.

One-time Investment: $2000


What I’m Thinking

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Website Teardown:

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